'Leadership is required only for less-efficient subordinates'

‘Leadership is required only for less-efficient subordinates’. Do you agree? Give reasons.

No, Leadership is required for all in an organisation.
Importance of leadership :

  1. Influences the Behaviour of People
    A good leader influences the behaviour of people and contributes their energies for the benefit of the organisation.
  2. Provides Confidence
    A leader maintains personal relations and helps his followers in fulfilling their needs. He provides confidence, support and encouragement to his followers.
  3. Introduces Changes
    Leaders plays a key role in introducing required changes in the organisation. They help in solving the problem of ‘resistance to change’ by inspiring and persuading employees to accept the changes.
  4. Handles Conflicts
    A good leader helps in solving the conflicts, allows his followers to ventilate their feelings and disagreements, and persuades them by giving suitable clarifications.
  5. Provides Training
    Leaders provides training to their subordinates, in order to make them efficient and to facilitate a smooth succession process.