Krishna Ltd was engaged in business of garment manufacturing

Krishna Ltd was engaged in business of garment manufacturing and selling products under popular brand. The demand for their products was increasing. In order to keep the market share up in short run, the company directed its existing workforce to work in day and night shift but this resulted in many problems.
Due to increased pressure of work, the efficiency of worker declined. Sometimes workers worked under more than one superior and were becoming indisciplined.
(i) Identify the principles of management which were violated in the above paragraph.
(ii) What steps should be taken by company to restore its

(i) In the above paragraph, following principles of management
are violated
(a) Unity of Command (b) Discipline
(ii) Company should take following steps to restore the
reputation of the company
(a) The company should introduce scientific management by giving proper rest intervals, try to initiate differential piece wage system to motivate the workers.
(b) Separate planning should be done for operational activities.
© Unity of command should be followed.
(d) Technique of standardization should be applied strictly.