Kayco Ltd. is manufacturing detergents

Kayco Ltd. is manufacturing detergents. It decides to launch a new range of herbal products. The management plans to launch a new factory in a tribal area, where the required products are easily available and the labour—men, women and children are—available for work at low (rates) wages in the absence of development opportunities and schools.
(i) Will the decision to install a new unit in the tribal area help the society ? Highlight the social values involved in this decision ?

Yes, the decision of installing a new unit in the tribal area will definitely help in the upliftment and development of the tribal society.
The social values involved in this decision are as follows:
(i) Equal opportunities for growth.
(ii) The tribal labour—men, women and children will get equal minimum wages to earn their livelihood.
(iii) Proper utilization of natural resources.
(iv) Child labour is banned, so schools should be opened for them.
(v) Schools and other supportive activities will help in community development.