“Jute industry is concentrated in the Hugh basin’

“Jute industry is concentrated in the Hugh basin’. Validate the statement with three suitable reasons.

Jute industry

  • West Bengal is the home of jute, ft produces the highest number of bales of the jute fiber. Adjoining regions of West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha are also important producers of jute. Thus, raw material is easily available.
  • Additional requirement of jute is met through import from Bangladesh.
  • Densely populated area of the lower Ganga basin provides cheap labour.
  • The industry consumes huge quantity of water which is easily available from the Hugh River.
  • Kolkata has a good network of transportation both of land and water. It has the facility of transport through rivers, canals, railways and roads.
  • International airport and a big port in Kolkata have also helped in the transportation of materials.
  • Coal-mines of Raniganj and Asansol provide sufficient supply of power to this industry in Kolkata.