Itinerant traders have been an integral part of internal trade in India. Analyse the reasons for heir survival inspite of competetion from large scale retailers

Following are the reasons for the survival of itenerant traders inspite of competition from the large scale retailers:
(i) They are small traders and hence rural customers and low income group consumers from semi- urban and backward areas find themselves more comfortable dealing with them.
(ii) They normally deal in consumer products of daily use such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, toiletry products, etc demand for which does not fall much with time.
(iii) The emphasis of such traders is on providing greater customer service by making the products available at the very doorstep of the customers. This makes it convenient for the consumers and helps in the survival of itenerant sellers.
(iv) Their cost of operation is very low as compared to large scale retailers as they do not have to incurr expenses of fixed establishments, their maintenance cost and inventory costs. Therefore, they are in a position to offer lower prices to consumers.