It was Rajat's turn to talk about the great Indian scientist

It was Rajat’s turn to talk about the great Indian scientist in front of the class and he chose Jagdish Chandra Bose.
Although more famous as a biologist, Jagadish Chandra Bose was a great physicist as well. He can rightly be called the inventor of wireless telegraphy. Though Marconi invented the wireless, Bose had already demonstrated its functioning in public in the year 1895, a year before Marconi’s patent for the telegraph. He was the first to fabricate the device that generated radio wavelength (25 mm to 5 mm). He was a great scientist, who selflessly dedicated his findings to the further development of science. An inventor can make lakhs of rupees by just one or two inventions. Bose has invented many instruments used by many industries. When he Was offered money for these, he did not accept it. He felt that knowledge was not anybody’s personal property. He permitted anyone and everyone to use the fruits of his work. The whole class including his teacher applauded.
(a) Give two properties of the e.m.w. produced by Bose.
(b) What values of Bose impressed you from the above passage ?

(a) They are transverse in nature, and travel with the speed of light in vacuum.
(b) The selfless attitude of the scientist, service mindedness and modesty.