'India is rich in its fauna1'. Explain the statement with example

‘India is rich in its fauna1’. Explain the statement with example.

India is a vast country with variety of life forms. The various climatic and relief factors have contributed to its biodiversity.
The richness of India’s faunal (animal) species can be explained by following examples
(i) India has about 90,000 species of animals, k includes elephants, rhinoceros wild ass, camel, yak, bisons, antelope, leopand etc. It is also the only country in the world with both tigers and lions.
(ii) India also has colourful bird life. It has about 2000 species of birds, which includes peacocks, pheasants, ducks, panakeets, cranes and pigeon.
(iii) India has around 12% of world fish stock (about 2,546) which includes both fresh and marine water species.
(iv) India has 5-8% of world’s amphibians, reptiles and animals. The reptiles include turtles, crocodiles and gharials. Gharial is the only representative
of a variety of crocodile, found in the world today. Thus, we can conclude that India is rich in its fauna.