In what way study of chemistry will be helpful for the following :

In what way study of chemistry will be helpful for the following :
(i) In identifying three chemical processes used in your daily life.
(ii) In solving politico cum social problems for which inputs are required.
(iii) Preparing a good engineer.
(iv) Planning of chemical industries in your district

(a) Fractional crystallization - Separating solid substances having different solubility at a particular temperature.
(b) Fractional distillation - Separating different fractions from crude petroleum.
© Fermentation - Manufacture of ethanol by the fermentation of molasses by enzyme yeast.
(ii) (a) Use of fertilizers in crops have increased the crop production.
(b) Use of disinfectant have helped in killing micro-organisms in drains and toilets etc.
© Use of broad spectrum antibiotics have made it possible to cure many diseases like typhoid pneumonia, dysentery, meningitis etc
(iii) Chemical Engineers
(a) Have helped in producing new drugs to
control population hazards.
(b) Have helped in producing herbicides, fungirides, insecticides and pesticides to save the crop from destruction.
© Have helped in understanding genetic engineering and biotechnology
(iv) In planning of chemical industries such as
(a) the manufacture of sulphuric acid
(b) Detergent
© Caustic soda.
And other many industries depending on the availability of the raw material, electricity, water and labouring.