In this poem, life is compared with a play

In this poem, life is compared with a play. Just as in a play, a man acts many parts, so also in life, a man plays many roles. Can’ you think of some other comparison for life? (For example, life could be compared with the seasons in nature, the days of the week, the lessons in a school day.) Select one of these comparisons (or choose one of your own), and write about the similarities that life has with it. (80-100 words)

Life can be compared with the seasons in nature as it is very similar to the manner of their occurrence. Like the spring season, when plants sprout and bloom, man takes birth and enters the first stage of his life. Like nature, man is growing, which can be compared to blooming. Then comes the summer season, bringing heat. Man, likewise, grows, falls in love and is passionate about everything.
Then comes the autumn season, when the trees shed their leaves. Likewise, man enters old age. His strength begins to weaken and his voice begins to change. Winter comes, and everything is frozen. Similarly, man also enters the last stage of his life and makes his exit from the world when he dies.