"In India majority of population lives below the poverty line

"In India majority of population lives below the poverty line. Government is taking pain to lessen poverty”. You are the member of the commission appointed to suggest the areas/issues concerned. Which issues would you suggest regarding poverty alleviation?

Following are the issues which I will suggest regarding poverty alleviation :

  1. Stop Social Exclusion Some communities are socially excluded so they do not reap the benefits of economic development. Certain groups like poor women, children and old people are deprived of basic needs and live in poverty. So, by stoping social exclusion will ensure fall in poverty level.

  2. Generating Employment By generating more employment opportunities in both rural and urban areas, the poverty level can decline.

  3. Increase in Literacy Level By raising the level of education in a country, more employment opportunities are generated. So, rise in literacy level raises the income which in turn reduces poverty.