In contrast many writers emphasised the advantages of enclosures

In contrast many writers emphasised the advantages of enclosures. There can be no question of the superior profit to the farmer of enclosures rather than open fields. In one case he is in chains, he can make no changes in soil or prices, he is like a horse in team, he must jog alongwith the rest’.
Read the above passage and answer the following guestions
(a) What is John Middleton arguing?
(b) What lesson/values have you leamt from the given passage?

(a) John Middleton is arguing in favour of the rich farmers. He says that before the law regarding enclosures was enacted, the farmer could not make i improvements in the soil, as other people were also using the same land.
Now, when it is enclosed, he can make whatever changes he desires to improve the agricultural yield and thus increase his profits.
(b) By the enclosure of land farmer and peasants become happier and protected; and the production of the crops increased. I have also learnt that unity is an important fact for everyone.