In case a businessman takes the fire insurance, what approximate advantages can he avail? Discuss

Following benefits can be availed -
(i) Temporary Accommodation In the event of fire, the property and house might get burnt badly and it will take time to get the repairs done. In such circumstances, fire insurance provides financial protection from the loss of home and business and possessions.
(ii) Rebuild the Damage Fire can lead heavy damage to building and cause big losses to the business and home structure. This policy provides coverage for rebuilding or replacing the damaged sections.
(iii) Preventative Measures By installing the various fire resistant and fire preventive devices, one can significantly reduce the cost of policy. It includes the usage of fire alarms, oprinklese systems and other safety measures.
(iv) Financial Security Fire insurance polity offers coverage against the loss of your property and goods. It will offer financial security in the event of fire causing damage to your property and house.