If you are selected as a salesman in XYZ Company

If you are selected as a salesman in XYZ Company, what qualities you should possess to become a good salesman?

A person should possess following qualities:
(i) Physical qualities Good looking, healthy.
(ii) Psychological qualities Should be sweet natured, possess good behaviour, should be mentally healthy, intelligent and creative.
(iii) Technical quality Should be fully conversant with technical knowledge of the product.
(iv) Communication skills Should be pleasing, polite and courteous. Good oratory skills should be there, he/she should also be a good listener.
(v) Honesty Should not give false and misleading information about the product.
(vi) Persistent He should be patient and confident.
(vii) Courtesy Should be of pleasing personality. Being polite will always win customers.
(viii) Capacity to inspire Trust Salesperson should try to understand the needs of the customers and try to match them.