Identify the type of products In the following cases

Identify the type of products In the following cases and give one example of each type.
(i) Purchase of goods, in which buyers devote considerable time .to compare quality, price and style.
(ii) Consumer products, which are purchased frequently, immediately and with least time and efforts.
(iii) Consumer goods having attained brand loyalty with some specific features because of which people make more efforts in their purchase.
Consumer products are classified on different basis. ‘Durability of the product’ is*one of them. Explain any three types of products in this category.

The consumer products are classified as follows:
(i) Shopping products They are the products that require considerable time and effort, e.g. jewellery, television, etc.
(ii) Convenience products These products require minimum time and effort and are purchased frequently by the customers, e.g. bread, butter, salt, etc.
(iii) Speciality products These products have certain special features, due to which the buyers are willing to spend a lot of time and effort, e.g. designer clothes, antique jewellery, etc.