Identify the principles of management violated in the following cases and explain them

Identify the principles of management violated in the following cases and explain them.
(i) Manav, a manager, speaks to people at all levels, including his as well as other departments.
(ii) Manav, a manager, expects his subordinates to work for personal satisfaction and contentment, without any monetary reward.
(iii) Manav, a manager, expects that his subordinate produces instant results, without giving him sufficient time to settle in the new environment.
(iv) Manav, a manager, is not strict with his employees regarding timings and targets of work.

(i) Scalar chain According to Fayol, Scalar Chain refers to the chain of authority and communication that runs from top to bottom and should be followed by managers and their subordinates.

The above figure illustrates the Scalar Chain. If D and G wants to communicate, the message should usually move up through C, B, A, E, F and then G whereas, the manager is communicating with all levels and all departments, without following the scalar chain.

(ii) Remuneration of employees According to Fayol, the quantum and methods of remuneration payable to employees should be fair and reasonable.
It should be satisfactory to both employers and employees, which gives them a reasonable standard of living and should be within the paying capacity of the company.
(iii) Stability of personnel According to Fayol, employee turnover should be minimised to maintain organisational efficiency. Therefore, suppose an individual gets selected for a post, then he should be given appropriate time to prove his abilities.
We can say, he should be kept at the post for a minimum fixed tenure .This ensures stability, so that he can get proper time to explore his skills.
(iv) Discipline It is the sincerity and obedience towards organisational rules and regulations, as these are necessary for the smooth functioning of an organisation.
According to Fayol, good superiors at all levels, fair agreements and judicious application of penalties are helpful in maintaining discipline.
It means obedience on part of workers as well as managers.