Identify any three hydraulic structures as part of water management programmes

Identify any three hydraulic structuresas part of water management programmes initiated in ancient India along with the period when they were built.
Ans. Here are some examples of hydraulic structures in ancient India
(i) In the 1st century BG Sringaverapura near Allahabad had sophisticated water harvesting system channelling the flood water of the river Ganga.
(ii) Evidences of sophisticated irrigation works have also been found in Kalinga (Odisha), Nagarjunalconda (Andhra Pradesh), Bennur (Karnataka), Kolhapur (Maharashtra) etc.
(iii) During the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, dams, lakes and irrigation systems were extensively built.
(iv) In the period of 11th century, Bhopal lake, one of the largest artificial lakes of its rime was built.
(v) The tank in Hauz Khas, Delhi was built by Iltutmish for supplying water to Siri fort area in the 14th century.