(i) Write and explain the conclusion Darwin arrived at,

(i) Write and explain the conclusion Darwin arrived at, after observing the variations seen in the beaks of finches during his sea voyage.
(ii) Marsupials and Australian placental mammals exhibit convergent evolution. Explain how?

(i)It suggests that the species restricted to a region, develop unique features. Also, species present in widely separated region show similarity of ancestry. Habitat isolation had probably restricted these organisms to a particular geography on the earth.
(ii)Marsupials of Australia These are another examples of adaptive radiation. A variety of marsupials Xpouched Adaptive Convergence/Convergent Evolution When more than one adaptive radiation appeared to have occurred in an isolated geographical area
(representing different habitats) and two or more groups of unrelated animals come to resemble each other for similar mode of life or habitat, it is called adaptive convergence or convergent evolution.
Fig. 7.5 Convergent evolution of Australian marsupials and placental mammals