How to write a diary entry

How to write a diary entry

A diary entry is a small day-to-day account of your life in a diary or a journal, preferably a personal one. It usually comprises of the day’s date, a salutation to your diary, a description of the day, and ends with your name.

The following is an example for a diary entry:

Q. You met your old friend in the market today after five years. Write a diary entry expressing your thoughts and emotions on the meeting.

10 November 2018

Dear Diary,

I was absolutely shocked to see Sunil standing beside me in the stationery store today. We used to be good friends when I stayed in his complex. We went to school together for five years. After Dad’s transfer, I had to change my school and move to Mumbai while Sunil continued to live in Delhi. When he told me that he too had moved to Mumbai for further studies, I was happy to think that we could be together again. I can now call him home and we can play Monopoly, football, cricket, and even study together.

I may have made new friends after moving to Mumbai, but Sunil was, and will always remain a close and a special friend.

Your Name