How to prevent injuries in sports

How to prevent injuries in sports.

Prevention of sport injuries :
The life of a sportsperson is very valuable. Sometimes a sportsperson gets such injury that he cannot take part in sports again. In this way his sports career may come to an end. However, many types of sports injuries maybe treated but then it is a fact that prevention is better than cure. The famous sports scientists suggest that the injury rate can be reduced by 25%, if sportspersons take appropriate steps for prevention of sports injuries which are mentioned below:
i. Proper warming- Proper warming up is essential before any sports training or participation in sports activities. It reduces chances of getting injuries as muscle remains in a tone up position. Warm up routine should be of 10-20 minutes. It starts with gentle exercise like jogging followed by brisk running ended by stretching.
ii. Proper conditioning- It is essential because it tones up weak muscles and reduces the chances of getting any sort of injury. Weight training and circuit training are methods for proper conditioning.
iii. Balanced diet- It is also essential for prevention of sports injuries because lack of essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamin ā€˜Dā€™ calcium etc. make bones weak
iv. Proper knowledge of sports skills- It is beneficial for preventing sport injuries. A sportsperson should have efficient knowledge of spot skills.
For e.g., a high jumper should have proper knowledge and efficiency in landing skills.
v. Use of protective equipments- It is best way to prevent sport injuries, as it protects sportsperson from getting injured.
vi. Proper sports facilities- Sport injuries can be prevented if good quality of sport equipments and proper sports ground are available for practice and competition.
vii. Unbiased officiating- If officiating is unbiased, the chances of getting injury is rare as biased officiating leads to indiscipline among the players which may further lead to injuries.
viii. Do not do overtraining-Overtraining may cause to sport injuries. The strenuous physical training can do more harm than good if a person is a beginner or joined the training after a long gap.
ix. Use of proper technique- Use of proper technique of particular sport reduces the chances of getting injured such as tendonitis and stress fracture.
x. Obeying the rules- Last but the not the least, obeying rules can prevent sport injuries as there are less chances of getting hurt if the players obey rules of their sport.