How has consumption pattern of energy changed over the years?

Commercial energy consumption makes up about 74% of the total energy consumed in India. This includes coal with the largest share of 54%, fol-lowed by oil at 33%, natural gas at 9% and hydro energy at 3 %. The transport sector was the largest consumer of commercial energy in 1953-54. How-ever, there has been continuous fall in the share of the transport sector while the share of agriculture which was the lowest in 1953-54 at just 1 % has risen continuously to become 18 % in 2009-10 with progress in irrigation facilities and mechanisation of agriculture.
The share of household sector in energy consumption has more than doubled since, 1953-54 to 2009-10. Share of industrial sector however, has not changed much since, 1953-54. After rising from 40 % in 1953-54 to 50 % in 1970-71, again came down to 45 % by 1990-91 and has remained constant since, then. There has been an overall increase in the use of energy with the rapid rate of economic growth.