How does speciation take place?

  1. How does speciation take place?
  2. Define the term gene.
  3. The gene for red hair is recessive to the gene for black hair. What will be the hair colour of a child if he inherits a gene for red colour from his mother and a gene for black hair from his father? Express with the help of flow chart.


  1. Speciation may take place by
  • Migration
  • Natural selection
  • Mutation
  • Genetic drift
  1. The segment of DNA which is functional and is made of nucleic acids and protein is called gene.
  2. Given,
    Mother has red hair which is recessive, i.e., bb Father has black hair which is dominant, i.e., BB or Bb.
    The inheritance pattern can be shown as follows:

Yes it is absolutely correct , Thank you for the answer