How do you prepare your own herbarium sheets?

How do you prepare your own herbarium sheets? What are different tools you carry with you while, collecting plants for the preparation of a herbarium? What information should preserved plant material on herbarium sheet provide for taxonomical studies?

For the preparation of herbarium sheets, a sheet of about 29 x 41 cm is cut from chart paper. Dried specimens are mounted on the sheets with the help of glue or cellotape. A label is pasted on sheets at lower right comer.
Tools for collection are
(i) Digger (ii) Knife (iii) Scissors (iv) Vasculum
(v) Polythene hags (vi) Old newspapers (vii) Blotting papers (viii) Plant press
(ix) Field notebook (x) Magnifying glass.
Information from herbarium sheets. The label of herbarium sheets has information like scientific name of plant, family, common and English name, local name, collector’s name, place, time and date of collection.