How do you observe pollen grain undera microscope?

How do you observe pollen grain undera microscope ?
Observation of pollen grain.

  1. Take a slide and put a few drops of water on it.
  2. Take any flower like hibiscus, tridax, marigold, etc., tap it over the drop of water.
  3. We will see small dot like structures in water.
    These are pollen grains.
  4. Observe the pollen grains under hand lens then under a compound microscope.
  5. Also see a permanent slide of pollen grain from your lab.
  6. Observe under a microscope. Make a drawing of what you observe and compare with the given diagram.
    Observation : Pollen grain germinates only on stigma. In pollen grain consists of two
    to three cells surrounded by a protective wall in Angiosperms. In gymnosperms the
    pollen grain consists of several living cells.