How do you distinguish a simple leaf from a compound leaf?

Simple Leaf:
1.Lamina is not divided into distinct lobes or leaflets i.e., it has single lamina.
2.Axillary bud is present in the axil of simple leaf.
3.Simple leaves are in acropetal succession on stem.
4.Base of leaf may have stipules.
5.Simple leaves appear in one or more plane.
Compound Leaf:
1.Lamina is incised into two or more distinct leaflets. The leaflets are borne either at the tip of petioles or on the sides of rachis. Leaflets do not bear any axillary bud.
2.Axillary, bud is present in the axil of whole leaf.
3.Leaflets of a compound leaf are not in acropetal suc-cession on rachis.
4.Stipules may be present at the base of compund leaf.
5.Leaflets in a compound leaf lie in one plane only.