How do social divisions affect politics? Explain with example

How do social divisions affect politics? Explain with example.

Democracy involves competition among various political parties which in turn divides a society, in fact social diversities can turn into political divisions thereby leading to conflict and violence and disintegration of society (country). This happened in many countries.
For example:

  1. Northern Ireland: This region of. UK has been for many years the site of violent and bitter ethno-political conflict. Its population divided into 2 major groups of Christianity 53% of its population is Protestants (represented. by unionists who wanted to remain in UK which is predominantly protestant) and 44% of Ireland population is Roman Catholic (represented by Nationalist party who demanded that the Northern Ireland should be unified with the republic of ireland which is predominantly a Catholic country)
    Hundreds of civilians, militants and security forces were killed. In the fight between the Nationalists and the Unionists and between the security force of the UK and Nationalists. It was only in 1998, that the UK government and the Nationalists reached a peace treaty after which the latter suspended their armed struggle.
  2. Yugoslavia: Political competition along religious and ethnic lines led to the disintegration of yugoslavia into six independent countries.
  3. India: Social divisions affect voting in most constituencies. People from one community tend to prefer some party more than others. In many’states there are parties that focus only on the community. Yet all this does not lead to-disintegration of the country.