How do pressure groups influence politics?

How do pressure groups influence politics? Explain with examples.

Pressure groups and movements, exert influence on politics in a various ways:

  • They try to gain public support and sympathy for their goals and activities by carrying out information, campaigns, organising meetings, filing petitions.
  • Most of these groups try to influence the media into giving more attention to their issues.
  • They organise protest activities like strikes or disrupting government programmes.
  • Business groups often employ professional lobbyists.
  • Some members from pressure groups participate in official bodies and communities • that offer advice to the government.
  • The pressure groups are either formed or led by the leaders of political parties or act as extended arms of political parties.
  • Sometimes, political parties grow’ out of movement.
  • In most cases, the relationship between parties and movements is not so direct. They often take positions that are opposed to each other.