How do pressure groups and movements strengthen democracy?

Explain how the activities of pressure groups are useful in the functioning of a democratic government.
How do pressure groups and movements strengthen democracy? Explain.

Pressure groups and movements have deepened democracy:

  • Putting pressure on the rulers is not an unhealthy activity in democracy.
  • Sometimes, governments come under undue pressure from a small group of rich and powerful people.
  • Public interest groups and movements perform a useful role of countering this undue influence and reminding the government of the needs and concerns of ordinary citizens.
  • Sectional interest groups also plays a valuable role. Where different groups function actively, no single group can achieve dominance over society.
  • If one group brings pressure on the government to make policies in its favour, another will bring counter pressure not to make policies in the way the first group desires.
  • The Government gets to hear about what different sections of the population want. This leads to a balance of power and accommodation of conflicting interests.