How do plants manage or send out waste products from its body?

How do plants manage or send out waste products from its body ?
A. 1) Plants can get rid of excess water by a process like transpiration and guttation. Waste products may be stored in leaved, bark and fruits.
2) When these dead leaves, bark, and ripe fruits fall off from the trees, then waste products in them are got rid off.
3) In some plants, waste gets stored in the fruits in the form of solid bodies called Raphides. Example : Yam.
4) Several compounds are synthesized by the plants for their own use specially for defense.
5) Several plants prepare chemicals and store them in shoots, leaves, seeds for protection against herbivores.
6) Most of the chemicals are unpleasant to taste and hence herbivores do not prefer to eat such plants. Some of the chemicals are toxic and may even kill the animal that eats them.
7) Some of the plants release attractants for other organisms which will help the plants for pollination, For example, plants having root nodules secrete chemicals to attract rhizobia into the surroundings of the roots and form a symbiotic relationship with the rhizobium.