How do I create flashcards on my laptop?

How do I create flashcards on my laptop?



  • It is one of the most popular technique to learn today.
  • There are various services available to create the flashcards.
  • They can be shared among friends and can be downloaded or printed out.
  • The flashcards can be created by installing the creator software on the laptops, or a website can also be used to create the flashcards by registering in the website.
  • Also, the word processor can be used to create the flashcards.

Different techniques to create the flashcards on the laptop are as follow:

By using a website in the laptop.

  • Create an account on the website of flashcard creator, such as Scholastic’s Flash Card Maker,
    Flash Card Exchange, etc.
  • These websites usually make the card public and share the card with others and others can use it.
  • One can also able to study others flash card to create their own.
  • With the help of Scholastic’s Flash Card Maker, one can only insert the words or the numbers, while Flash Card Exchange is more robust to create the cards as per the configurations such as the images, formulas etc.
  • The web based flashcards can be accessed through Linux, windows etc.

Installing the software on the laptops.

  • Install the software of the creator such as Cue Creator etc.
  • Be sure that whether the software is compatible with the operating system or not.
  • With the desired software, the flash cards can be designed and printed out whether online or offline.

By using the word processors in the laptops.

  • Also, the word processors can also be used to create the flash cards.
  • They can be formatted as per the desired size frames or columns.
  • Traditionally they are designed by 3 by 5 index.
  • As per the need the cards can be configured which results to be the best.
  • This affords most freedom but also need the initial setups.
  • For printing, use the full duplex printer if possible.