How did the oral culture enter print and how was the printed material transmitted orally ? Explain with suitable examples

(i) Though printed books appeared in the markets earlier, reading was restricted to the elites who could read and write.
(ii) Common people too lived in the world of oral culture. They heard sacred texts read out to them, listened to the recitation of ballads and folk tales narrated to them.
(iii) People collectively heard a story or watched a performance based on stories written in a book.
(iv) As the reading public increased, the publishers began to publish more popular ballads and folktales, and such books were profusely illustrated. This was done keeping in mind the common people who now had started reading as well as those who would be listening to the stories and folklores. These were sung and recited in gatherings in villages and in towns also.
(v) Thus, oral culture could also influence the print culture just as printed material could be transmitted orally.

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