How did the British market their goods in India?

  • Advertisement of the product: Advertisements make products appear desirable and necessary. They try to shape the minds of people and create new needs. During the Industrial age, advertisements played a major role in expanding the markets for products.
  • Putting labels on the cloth bundles: The label was needed to make the place of manufacture and the name of the company familiar to the buyers. When buyers saw ‘MADE IN MANCHESTER’ written in bold on a label, they would feel confident about buying the cloth.
  • Images of Indian Gods and Goddesses: It was as if association with Gods gave divine approval to the goods being sold. Images of Krishna or Saraswati was intended to make the manufacture from a foreign land appear somewhat familiar to the Indian people.
  • Printing calendars to popularise their products: Unlike newspapers and magazines, calendars were used even by people who could not read. They were hung in the tea shops and in poor people’s homes, just as much as in offices and middle class houses.