How did the British manufacturers attempt to take over the Indian market with the help of advertisements ? Explain with three examples

The British manufacturers attempted to take over Indian market by using advertisement in following ways:
(i) They tried to persuade the customers and buyers by using such advertisements which would appeal to the Indians and by making the products appear desirable and necessary. For example, the Woodwards gripewater bottle for babies was advertised with an image of baby Krishna to impress Indian consumers.
(ii) Images of numerous Indian gods and goddesses such as Kartikeya, Lakshmi, Saraswati were shown in imported cloth labels approving the quality of products being marketed.
(iii) Sunlight soap calender of 1934 carried a covering showing God Vishnu bringing sunlight from across the skies. These figures in the advertisements appeared familiar to the buyers, who could identify themselves with these.

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