How did culture play an important role in creating the idea of the 'nation' in Europe?

How did culture play an important role in creating the idea of the ‘nation’ in Europe? Explain with examples.

The development of nationalism in Europe was not only the result of war and territorial expansion.
Culture played an important role in creating the idea of the nation in Europe. The following examples state the fact
(i) Art, poetry, stories and music helped express and shape nationalist feelings in-Europe.
(ii) Romanticism, a cultural movement in Europe developed a particular form of nationalist sentiment. Romantic artists and poets criticised the glorification of science and reason. They tried to create a sense of a shared collective heritage as the basis of a nation. They gave importance on emotions, intuitions and mystical feelings.
(iii) German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder claimed that true German culture was to be discovered among the common people (das volk) in their folk song, folk poetry and folk dances.
(iv) Vernacular languages and folklores strengthen the national spirit.
(v) In Poland Karol Kurpinski cekbrated the national struggle through opera and music.
(vi) Allegory of Germania and Marianne developed national feelings among citizens.

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Well, culture definitely plays an important role in order to identify a country’s individuality. A western culture is known for some particular values and eastern culture has its own individuality. Even every country has its own cultural values and that is how that country is different from others. I like the Japanese old traditional kabuki theatre which makes Japan different from other Asian countries. Kabuki is a traditional style of Japanese theatre. It is a theatrical style with a very rich history. Originating from the 1600s it’s incorporated the social topics of that time and even after many renditions, sanctions from leaders, and changes it is still as popular as ever. One of the most popular or characteristic features of kabuki theatre is definitely the masks that are used. The word kabuki means “out of the ordinary” and without the use of these exaggerated masks and makeup theatre wouldn’t be the same. Many kinds of masks like latex samurai devil mask and many other which they wear with traditional dess (kimono).

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