How can foodgrain wastage in supply chain be reduced in India?

How can foodgrain wastage in supply chain be reduced in India? Suggest some important ways that the government should adopt.

Important ways to reduce the foodgrain wastage are as follows:

  1. The government should establish an elaborate mechanism to ensure prdcurement of good quality foodgrain, its safe storage, transportation and distribution.
  2. There should be a regular monitoring mechanism under which inspections at all levels are carried out to ensure safe preservations of foodgrains in Food Corporation of India’s (FCI) godowns.
  3. To prevent wastage and contamination while in transit by rail/road, FCI should take necessary steps for loading of foodgrains in clean railway wagons. Only covered rail wagons should be used for movement of foodgrain.
  4. Foodgrain should be stored by adopting proper scientific ways of storage practices. For example to check seeping of moisture from the floor to the foodgrains adequate materials such as wooden crates, bamboo mats, polythene sheets should be used.
  5. There should be end to end computerisation and online tracking of entire system from procurement to retail distribution which will help to minimise black marketing and corruption.