How can domestic waste be used as manure?

(1) Domestic waste is collected in small bins A and B. Bin A, coloured green, contains food-left over, vegetable leaves and skin of fuits, seeds etc.—all biodegradable material.
(2) Bin B contains non-biodegradable substances like plastics, broken toys, cans, plastic bottles, polythenes etc. Bin B stuff is sent for recycling, whereas B in A containing biodegradable material is sent through local agencies for land filling to be converted to manure.
What do you understand by fungicides and insecticides ?
In order to destory fungi, fungicides are added. e.g., Compounds of Mercury.
Insecticides are the chemicals that are used to kill the insects which destroy the crop. e.g., D.D.T (dichlorodiphenyl trichloro ethane)