How ascomycetes are different from basidiomycetes?

(a) Ascomycetes are called sac fungi whereas Basidiomycetes are called club fungi.
(b) In Ascomycetes, the mycelium is branched and septate. In basidiomycetes, the mycelium is muldnucleate and septate.
© In Ascomycetes, the asexual spores are called conidia whereas in basidiomycetes, the asexual spores are called basidiospores.
(d) In Ascomycetes, sexual reproduction involves fusion of gametes represented as + and - strains. The sex organs are absent in basidiomycetes, but plasmogamy is brought by fusion of two somatic cells.
Ascomycetes :
1. It is called sac-fungi.
2. Yeast is unicellular but Penicillium is multicel-lular.
3. Sexually reproduces by ascus formation and ascospores.
4. Asexual spores borne in conidiophores.
5. Saprophytes, decomposers, parasitic or coprophilors (dung).
6. Common members are Yeast, Penicillium, As-pergillus, Claviceps and Neurospora.
7. Fruiting body is ascocarp.
Basidiomycetes :
1. It is called club fungi.
2. Mycelium is branched and septate.
3. A club shaped basidium is most important feature of it.
4. Basidiospores are formed on basidium.
5. Parasites plant bodies, mushroom are edible and cultivated. Some are poisonous e.g., Amanita.
6. Common members are Ustilago Agaricus and Puccinia.
7. Fruiting body is basidiocarp.