How are water and minerals transported in plants?

How are water and minerals transported in plants ?
A. 1) Xylem.tissue transports water and mineral salts in. plants.
2) Xylem vessels and tracheids of root, stem and leaves are.interconnected to form a continuous system of water and minerals conducting channels to each part of the plant.
3) The cells of root hair present in the soil absorb water from the soil by osmosis.
4) The entry of water dilutes the contents of the root hair vacuole so that it becomes
weaker than its neighbour. - .
5) Therefore water passes into the neighbouring cell which in turn becomes diluted, finally water enters the xylem vessel.
6) This creates a column of water that is steadily pushed upward, called root pressure.
7) Root pressure is not enough to push water and dissolved minerals to leaves in the tall trees.
8) There is a continuous loss of water through stomata of the leaves in the form of water vapour. This process is called transpiration.
9) The water lost due to transpiration is taken up from the xylem vessels and tracheids in the leaves.