How are the three sectors of economy interdependent?

How are the three sectors of economy interdependent? Explain with five suitable examples.

There are three sectors of economy feasibly found i.e. Primary sector, Secondary sector and Tertiary sector. All the three sectors are interdependent.
Some examples are given to elucidate this fact
(i) Agricultural activities produce raw materials for agro- based industries and food for employees in Secondary and Tertiary sectors. It shows industrial sector and service sector’s dependency on Primary sector.
(ii) Industrial activities produce instruments like tractor, fertiliser for agricultural inputs and increase production and productivity in agriculture. Here, Primary sector depends on Secondary sector.
(iii) Transportation facilities are much required for transportation of agricultural products and industrial products to market rural and urban centres. Here, Primary and Secondary sector depend on Tertiary sector.
(iv) Industrial sector produces trucks, autos etc for transportation, computer assets for proper banking activities and knowledge outsourcing. So, it shows that now Tertiary sector depends on Secondary sector.
(v) If farmer does not produce grain, all people will starve and employees in Secondary and Tertiary sectors will pay much for food items and their life will be scarce.
Marketisation, storage and transportation inadequacy will put obstacle for farmers to link with their consumer and its earning will be reduced and life will be miserable. It shows that Secondary and Tertiary sectors depend on Primary sector.
So, it is reflected that all the sectors of economy are highly interdependent in India and also elsewhere in the world.