How are pisces different from tetrapoda?

Differences between pisces and tetrapoda are given below

Pisces :
They have exoskeleton of dermal scales.
They have 2-chambered heart (1 auricle, 1 ventricle) in most cases.
Pisces breathe with gills.
They have internal ear only.
They are aquatic.
The lateral line sense organs are well developed.
They are poikilothermic.
They have 10 pairs of cranial nerves.

Tetrapoda :
They have an exoskeleton of epidermal scales, feathers or hair.
They have 3 or 4 chambered heart (2 auricles, 1 or 2 ventricles).
Breathe with lungs except some amphibians.
They have external and middle ear, besides internal ear, in most cases.
They are terrestrial, some have secondarily, became aquatic.
The lateral line sense organs are absent, except a few larval amphibians.
Some are poikilothermic and some are homeotherms.
They have 10-12 pairs of cranial nerves.