Highlight few organisations working for promotion of community

Highlight few organisations working for promotion of community health ?

Community Health Programmes :
Some of the voluntary organisations which provide health services, health instruction and health infrastructure in this field are :
(i) UNICEF : It is a world wide health organisation named as United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund which was formed in 1953. There are more that 200 member countries all over the world. UNICEF in India is working with Government of India to ensure good health of children. UNCIEF ensures that each child born gets the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential. UNICEF uses its community level knowledge to develop innovative interventions to ensure that women and children are able to access basic health services such as clean water, health visitors and educational facilities.
The main works of UNICEF are :
(a) Good Health of Mother.
(b) Good Nutrition to Family
© Hygenic Environment
(d) Prevention from Diseases
(e) Good Education
(f) Healthy and Playful Enviroment for children.
(g) Providing Fundamental Rights to Mother and Children.
(ii) Tuberculosis Association of India: It was established in 1939, it is working for the treatment and control of tuberculosis. It also gives training as to how to handle a tuberculosis patient. It also provides free
check-ups and free medicine to the affected ones. Apart from this there are many more voluntary organisations which are working to promote health programmes at various levels. Acknowledging the problems of health. It is the moral duty of all citizens and they should help these voluntary organisations as far as possible.
(iii) Hind Kushat Nivaran Sangh : This institution was established in 1949, it has been helping to eradicate leprosy from India. It provides free treatment to leprosy patients and works to provide them jobs.
(iv) India Council for Child Welfare : Its function is to organise the schemes for child welfare and to promote mother and child health. It provides free vaccination to pregnant women- and give immunisation to children.
(v) All India Blind Relief Society : It was established in 1946. It works for the blind people. Its main work is to organise eye camps and co-operate with other programmes of health. It provides education and jobs to blind people to make them self-dependent.
(vi) Indian Medical Association : The main function of this organisation is to attract the attention of government towards health problems and to help various agencies in this field.
(vii) Indian Red Cross Society : This organisation was established in 1920. It is the part of International Red Cross Society (IRCS). Earlier its work was to help the diseased and wounded soldiers. Now it is running many welfare and health programmes for society. Its functions are to arrange food, medicines, clothes for victims of flood, earthquakes and epidemics. It takes care of diseased and wounded people. It organises blood bank camps, free medical checkup camp, eye donation camp, etc. It also runs their own primary health centres. It also organises family planning programmes.