Highlight any two serious adverse environmental consequences of development in India-India's environmental problems pose a dichotomy-They are poverty induced and at the same time due to affluence in living standards—Is this true?

Two serious problems caused by environmental degradation in India are :
(i) Water Contamination
(ii) Poverty
(i) Water Contamination : Development in India has taken a heavy price from the Indian society. In a hurry to develop the industrial sector, the businessmen and the government has forgotten to take the preventive measures for the waste disposal. The government has made rules and regulations, but in the absence of their strict implementation, our country has to face many environmental problems, water contamination is one of them. Water contamination has not only given birth to many water borne diseases but also has affected aqua-animals adversely.
(ii) Poverty : The industrial revolution has made
the rich more richer and poor more poorer. The reason behind this situation is poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. We are one of the ten most industrialized nations of the world but this situation has brought with it unwanted and unanticipated consequences of unplanned urbanization, pollution, poverty, increasing level of under unemployment and disguised unemployment.
Yes, this statement rightly shows the picture of Indian economy and the problems faced by it. The government has taken various measures to safeguard the environment but it has become necessary to adopt the path of sustainable development.