Highlight any three benefits of industrialisation on the society

Highlight any three benefits ofindustrialisation on the society
Ans. The advantage of industrialisation is that it increases
productivity, which enable production of a large variety of products and service economically.
The benefits of industrialisation on the society can be highlighted as follows
(i) Industrialisation leads to improved standards of the entire society as a whole and improve the economic conditions.
(ii) It leads to prosperity and cause the availability of better and more foods, clothing and gives longer life expectancy, freedom from drudgery of physical work, more and better facilities for development of intellectual capabilities of individuals and for satisfying their intellectuals inquisitiveness etc.
(iii) It is an engine for employment, wealth and technical skill. It also helps in development of technology. It provides modern conveniences, medical advances, changes in lifestyle, education, transportation development, machination etc.