Heredity and,Evolution

Define variation .what is the importance of variation? why is variation beneficial to species?
Experts plz answer

Variation is defined as the difference in the characteristics/traits among the individuals of a particular species.
Variations are important as:

  1. They help in the survival of a species.
  2. They help an organism to adapt to it’s environment as well as to the changes that may occur in the environment.
  3. It helps a species to emerge strong if favoured by natural selection.
  4. It helps a species to be resistant to diseases.

Variation is beneficial to the species as:
1.If there are some drastic changes in the environment of a species of a particular habitat,there are chances that all of them may die.
2. This will eliminate the species from the habitat completely.
3. If some variants are present,the organisms in the species will be able to tolerate the changes in the environment,thereby their rates of survival will also be enhanced.

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