Here are some challenges that require political reforms

Here are some challenges that require political reforms. Discuss these challenges in detail, study the reform options offered here and give your preferred solution with reasons. Rememberthat none of the options offered here is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You can opt for a mix of more than one options or come up with something that is not offered here. But you must give your solution in details and offer reasons for your choice.

(a) Doctors’ Absenteeism Challenges
(i) Private practice by doctors. (ii) Low salaries of doctors working in rural areas.
Reform Proposals
(i) Doctors should be penalised if they are found indulging in private practice.
(ii) Doctors should be paid extra allowance per day for the number of days that they work in the villages.
Reasons The extra allowance will act as an incentive and the penalty for private practice will act as a disincentive.
(b) Political Funding Challenges
(i) Money and muscle power have a role in elections, (ii) The poor people cannot fight elections.
Reform Proposals
(i) Impose a ceiling on party funding for elections with election expenses being audited.
(ii) A certain percentage of funds for elections should be contributed by government, especially for candidates, who can prove that they are poor.
Reasons The government funding will act as an incentive for more poor people to contest elections. The ceiling on ’ funding and expense auditing will reduce the power of money in elections.