Hema and Reema are working in different departments

Hema and Reema are working in different departments, but are very close friends. During lunch time, Hema informs Reema that due to the up-gradation of latest technology, many people are leaving their jobs.
Which type of communication is this? State any two advantages and disadvantages of this type of communication.

Communication between Hema and Reema is informal communication.
Advantages of informal communication are:
(i) It helps individuals to communicate on matters, which cannot be transmitted through the formal communication.
(ii) It enables the employees to develop friendly relations and get social satisfaction. It satisfies their urge to know, what is happening in the organisation.
Disadvantages of informal communication are:
(i) It tends to be unsystematic, irregular and untimely. It is neither reliable nor predictable.
(ii) It is not easy to fix responsibility for actions taken on the basis of informal communication. The origin of such communication in not easily traceable.