Help please! Plz pls pls


I am not able to understand a lesson I need social science (history) . It is ‘Socialism in Europe and the Russian revolution ‘ . I usually understand the lessons of social frm YouTube…but for this lesson I am not getting a nice video…pls suggest me a nice video to get a clear idea abt this lesson


Try this channel on YouTube 'pebbles CBSE Board ’


Ya…I had heard abt this before …let me try it…thanks Chirag


thanks very much chirag for the yt channel. nandana, by the way, i was always having a hard time learning about socialism in europe and the russian revolution. in fact, i still don’t actually fully understand it


Same here, Cordelf :sweat_smile:


If u r getting more difficulty in this chapter…
Then leave this chapter… Because you have options in history for final exams