'Good communication is the foundation of sound management'. Comment

‘Good communication is the foundation of sound management’. Comment.
Discuss the importance of communication.
‘Managerial functions cannot be carried out without an efficient system of communication’. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Importance of communication :

  1. Acts as Basis of Coordination
    . Communication acts as basis of coordination. It helps in coordinating the activities of various departments and persons in an organisation.
  2. Helps in Smooth Working of an Enterprise
    Communication ensures smooth functioning of an enterprise. Existence of an organisation depends fully on communication i.e. transmitting information. When communication stops, organised activity cease to exist.
  3. Acts as Basis of Decision-making
    Communication provides needed information for decision-making. In its absence, it may not be possible for managers to take decisions. Thus, it serves as basis of decision-making.
  4. Increases Managerial Efficiency
    Various functions of managers like providing information, instructions, allocating jobs, resources would not be possible in the absence of communication. Thus, communication is essential for effective performance of managerial functions.
  5. Promotes Cooperation and Industrial Peace
    Effective operation is only possible when there is industrial peace in the factory and mutual cooperation between workers and managers. Two-way communication promotes cooperation and mutual understanding between them.
  6. Establishes Effective Leadership
    Communication is the basis of leadership. A good leader must possesss efficient communication skills for influencing the behaviour of subordinates.
  7. Boosts Morale and Provides Motivation
    Good and effective communication enables managers to motivate, influence and satisfy the employees. It helps employees to adjust in the physical and social aspect of work, which boosts their morale and motivate them to perform better.