Globalisation is two-faced. Explain the statement in context of our country

Globalisation is two faced because of the folbwing reasons
(i) Not everyone has benefited from globalisation. People with education, skill and wealth have made the best use of the new opportunities.
(ii) On the other hand, many small producers and workers have suffered as the result of the rising competition. They have not shared the benefits of globalisation.
(iii) Globalisation is beneficial to MNCs but quite harmful to workers, small industries and traders who can not compete with MNCs.
(iv) It has enabled some large Indian companies to emerge as multinational such as Tata Motors, Infosys, Ranbaxy, etc. While many small scale industries had to close down their units.
(v) The globalisation and greater competition amongst the producers have been of great advantage to the consumers. They have now greater choice and improved quality at lower prices.