Given below is a list of autotrophs and heterotrophs

Given below is a list of autotrophs and heterotrophs. With your knowledge about food chain, establish various linkages between the organisms on the principle of ‘eating and being eaten’. What is this inter-linkage established known as? Algae, Hydrilla, grasshopper, rat, squirrel, crow, maize plant, deer, rabbit, lizard, wolf, snake, peacock, phytoplankton, crustaceans, whale, tiger, lion, sparrow, duck, crane, cockroach, spider, toad, fish, leopard, elephant, goat, Nymphaea, Spirogyra.

Food chain and food web A straight line sequence of ‘who eats whom’ or eating and being eaten in an ecosystem is called a food chain. A network of cross connecting food chains involving producers, consumers and decomposers is termed as a food web. Lion and tiger - Top carnivores (Top trophic level)
Spider, cockroach, lizard, wolf, snake, toad, fish and crane - Secondary consumeres (Illrd trophic level).
Crustaceans, grasshopper, deer, mouse, squirrel, rabbit, elephant and goat - Primary consumeres (Ilnd trpphic level).
Phytoplankton, algae, Hydrilla, maize plant, Nymphaea and Spirogyra — Producers (1st Sophie level).