Give the main reasons which have necessitated agricultural reforms

Give the main reasons which have necessitated agricultural reforms.

Reforms in agriculture are necessary because of the following reasons:

  1. Sustained uses of land without compatible techno institutional changes have hindered the pace of agriculture development.
  2. Most of the farmers still depend on monsoons because large parts of the country still do not have irrigation facilities.
  3. Farmers still depend on natural fertility in order to earn’ on their agriculture, if they lack material resources, e.g. fertilizers etc.
  4. Ours is an agricultural economy and about 63% of people depend on agriculture for employment and livelihood, therefore reforms have to be implemented.
  5. For raising the agricultural production and productivity levels to produce sufficient food for the growing population.
  6. To overcome environmental, economic and social constraints, agricultural reforms have to be seriously implemented.
  7. The declining share in GDP is a matter of serious concern because decline and stagnation in agriculture will lead to decline in other spheres of economy.